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02 - Lower Body Blueprint

02 - Lower Body Blueprint

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This training programme is a progressive overload-focused method that enables huge progressions in strength, whilst primarily being focused on efficiently building as much muscle tissue as possible.

The split is set across 7 days and has 5 training days with 2 rest days. It has been specifically structured for maximal growth throughout the lower body; whilst still targeting the upper enough to build a toned and balanced physique. At least one aspect of the lower body is trained on 4 out of the 5 training days. The entire split has been carefully designed in such a way as to ensure that proper recovery times are in place for the different muscle groups within the lower body. This leads to the maximal stimulus being provided throughout the week whilst still allowing for proper recovery time, therefore, creating the most optimal environment for growth. 

Included with this purchase is direct communication to me via email for any help or questions with this specific programme.

(Chantelle Powell prepped by The Coaching Couple for the cover shot)


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